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A Story of Ancient Legends
Kalevala The Musical is a story of ancient legends, told by the spirits of the haunted forest of Kalevala. The musical is adapted from the national epic poem of Finland. The tales of Kalevala were passed down through song for generations until they were finally collected in a book of poems by Elias Lonnrot in 1835. Since then Kalevala has been a source of inspiration to many fantasy authors, including J.R.R. Tolkien and widely cherished across the world. Kalevala the Musical is composed and written by Johanna Telander.

Kalevala has inspired many fantasy authors, such as J.R.R.Tolkien





The musical is composed by New York-based, Finnish composer Johanna Telander and includes a cast of Japanese, Israeli, Estonian, Chinese-Hawaiian American, and Latino talents.  
Although based on Finnish Folklore, the imaginative story is set in a fantasy world, providing a magical space to showcase cultural diversity and tell a unique story. We plan to employ artists from all backgrounds and providing an opportunity to showcase talents in a way not many musicals can.

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