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A Story of Ancient Legends
Kalevala The Musical is a story of ancient legends, told by the spirits of the haunted forest of Kalevala. The musical is inspired by the national epic poem of Finland. The tales of Kalevala were passed down through song for generations until they were finally collected in a book of poems by Elias Lonnrot in 1835. Since then Kalevala has been a source of inspiration to many fantasy authors, including J.R.R. Tolkien and widely cherished across the world. Kalevala the Musical is composed and written by Johanna Telander.

Kalevala has inspired many fantasy authors, such as J.R.R.Tolkien



Kalevala The Musical's long-awaited Concept Album Recording is out now everywhere!
Lead by Tony and Olivier nominee Ramin Karimloo, the star-studded cast features performers such as Julia Murney, Marina Pires, Natalie Toro and Kay Trinidad. The uniquely fantastical score by Johanna Telander combines pop, folk, world music and jazz. 

Kalevala The Musical, based on the epic national poem of Finland named Kalevala, follows two children on a fantasy adventure through an ancient haunted forest, and a quest to restore the connection between human and nature.



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The musical is composed by New York-based, Finnish composer Johanna Telander who, as an immigrant herself, has always wanted to create opportunities for international talent. Past concerts and readings have included talent from many cultural and national backgrounds. We have loved the collaborations with our Finnish, Japanese, Israeli, Estonian, Chinese-Hawaiian American, and Latino talent!  We plan to continue providing opportunities to be creative and to include storytellers from all backgrounds both on and off stage in this globally progressive way. 

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Green Forest
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Kalevala The Musical is a letter to all humans, signed by nature. Our story is set in the mystical forest of Kalevala, where the trees are whispering of ancient legends.

We believe that nature and our connection to the environment are essential for the future of both our planet and mankind and choose to protect and cherish the environment in all that we do. After all, the trees have a lot to teach us. If only we're willing to listen.

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