The Story of Ancient Legends
Kalevala The Musical is a story of ancient legends, told by the spirits of the haunted forest of Kalevala. The story is adapted from the national epic poem of Finland. Passed down from generation to generation, these tales were finally collected in a book of poems by Elias Lonnrot in 1835. Widely cherished across the world, Kalevala has been a source of inspiration to many fantasy authors, including J.R.R. Tolkien.
Kalevala The Musical is composed & written by Johanna Telander .

The World Has Forgotten the Music, Will You? 


Kalevala The Musical, Whispers in the Forest, is a letter written to humanity, signed by nature. The story is told from the perspective of earth spirits, roaming in a haunted forest somewhere between the Here and Now and the almost forgotten Past. The Spirits of Kalevala take two children on an epic adventure through a series of fantastical visions inspired by the runes of the epic poem Kalevala, in which they, through the power of music, eventually discover two sides of humanity: creation and destruction. 


The kids follow various Kalevala characters in their search of the enigmatic Sampo, an object of desire. Väinämöinen, the wise, Louhi the witch of Pohjola, Joukahainen, Aino, Maiden of the Rainbow, Lemminkäinen, and Ilmarinen experience the edges of human emotion in a series of songs, posing the question: what do we want? And what would we be willing to give up in our search for that something we want above all else? Ultimately, the kids become entangled in the story, learning how the power of Choice is what awakens the light and the dark in all of us. 


Through the whispers of the trees, the Spirits of Kalevala urge their human kin to recognize their power to choose to either create or destroy. If we would but stay still and listen, could the bond we once had with nature be restored?