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"Väinämöinen Creates" is the first single of Kalevala The Musical's Original Concept Album Recording. The song, performed by Ramin Karimloo, depicts the beginning of mankind, and begins the fantastical saga of the musical based on the Finnish national epic Kalevala. The musical's ethereal yet powerful score, written by Johanna Telander, combines pop, folk, world music and jazz and takes us on a journey through the ancient haunted forest of Kalevala, to the midst of ancient legends, and on a quest to restore the lost connection between human and nature.

Performed by: Ramin Karimloo, Ariel Neydavoud, Alyssa Fox, Amanda Yachechak, Kay Trinidad, Kristi Roosmaa, Johanna Telander, Ensemble
Music and lyrics by: Johanna Telander
Produced by: Quentin Garzón
Co-produced by: Kristi Roosmaa
Mixed by: Jay Alton at Alton Audio
Mastered by: Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering
Cover Art by: Petra Jasmiina, David Garzón
Photography by: Matthew Murphy

Väinämöinen Creates (Digital Single with Artwork)

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