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You asked, and the Forest has answered!
The physical copy (CD) of Kalevala the Musical Concept Album is here! This CD features the original album cover designed by David Garzón, names of all cast and band members that contributed to this great passion project, as well as a leaflet with all the song names and performers. 

Order your physical copy now to immerse yourself in the magical world of Kalevala, and to support our brand new, grassroots musical project:

Kalevala The Musical's long-awaited Concept Album Recording was released June 24th 2022. Lead by Tony and Olivier nominee Ramin Karimloo, the star-studded cast features performers such as Julia Murney, Marina Pires, Natalie Toro and Kay Trinidad. The uniquely fantastical score by Johanna Telander combines pop, folk, world music and jazz.Kalevala The Musical, based on the epic national poem of Finland named Kalevala, follows two children on a fantasy adventure through an ancient haunted forest, and a quest to restore the connection between human and nature.

Kalevala the Musical (Original Concept Album Recording) CD

  • This item is on Pre-Sale and will ship in a few weeks. Please give us some time to process your order. If you haven't received your order within 6 weeks, please contact us at Thank you for supporting our musical!

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